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Begin your adventures in the Cursed Caves!


Step 1

Stand on the tiles highlighted below to turn the red lights green.

Step 2

Once the lights are green, step onto the tile highlighted below and use the Steampunk Teleport.

Step 3

Step on the tile highlighted below.

Upon completing this step, you will receive a badge!

Step 4

Re-enter the previous room by entering back through the Steampunk Teleport.

Step 5

Step on the tiles highlighted below in front of the two chests to light up the torches beside the Cursed Portcullis.

Step 6

Once the torches are lit and the gate is open, step on the area highlighted below to proceed.

Note: You must be wearing your new key badge claimed from step 3 to teleport.

Step 7

Enter the Teleport shown below to receive your badge!