Want to see a magic trick?

Join Habbox in their event, showing you an amazing magic show!

Step 1

Walk throught the gate shown below.

Once the switch appears, flick it.

Flicking the switch will open up this gate by the far left side of the room that will teleport you to the teleporter.

Enter the teleporter.

Step 2

Once a switch appears by the fireplace, flick it.

Enter the teleporter shown below, and flick the switch located at the area where it teleports you.

Head back to the first floor, and enter the bar area.

Flick the next two switches that will appear.

Enter the teleporter below the stool.

Step 3

Head over to the red one way gates, but do not step on the floor fires. Once you are at the end, cross the one way gates.

Flick the hidden switch by the fireplace.

Head over to the Attic Gates, but only step on the moving stair blocks. Once there, enter the teleporter.

Step 4

Stand on the following positions and say "*search*", and when the helmet appears on you, flick the switch by the machine.

Note: the helmet has a limited time, so head to the switch as fast as you can.

Once finished with this, flick the new switch that appears, and enter the teleport.

Step 5

When the bot says the following four items you need to find, use them to make the four black candles light up.

Here are the following items:

Something yellow


Beautiful bush 

Red Machine


Pink plant 

Some emotion

Something hot



Something blue

Once you are finished and all black candles are lit, say done, and enter the teleporter.

Step 6

Grab a ticket from the Ticket Machine.

Sit on the stool at the other ticket booth by the right to pass the drink to the bot.

Flick the switch to receive your badge and complete your journey.