Get your baskets ready!

Cause we're going hunting for eggs!

Step 1

Make your way safely towards the Log Chairs while avoiding the menacing glances of the Ravenous Wolf by only walking when the Wolf is facing the direction shown below.

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport shown below.

Step 2

Stand in spots highlighted in red shown below and say *search*.

When all the tiles have turned green, say “I found the easter bunny!", and use the Runestone Teleport to go to the next room.

Step 3

Make your way through the roller maze, and flick the switches to collect the flour, milk and carrot.

It is important to flick the switch with the carrot cake last, after gathering the 3 ingredients on the table highlighted in green.

Once all the ingredients and carrot cake is on the table, say “Happy Easter!” to be teleported.

Enter the Enchanted Teleport shown below.

Step 4

Wait patiently in line.

3 people will be allowed to participate in this game at a time, and you will have to complete the tasks below within 1 minute.

On the spot highlighted in blue, say *decorate*.

On the spots highlighted in green, say *grab*.

On the spots highlighted in red, use the Toilet Roll Holder and Hand Water Pump.

Step on the Ringplates once all of the dyes are on the colour tiles.

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport shown below.

Step 5

Wait patiently in line again.

Once in the game you must get through the maze while avoiding the ducks and flicking the switches highlighted below to open the gates. You have to beat the egg before it reaches the end of the blue tiles.

In the next section, you must get through the maze whilst avoiding stepping on the flowers, and flicking the switches to open the gates. Enter the Pink One Way Gate once you’ve made it to the end.

In the next section, you must step on the green tile whenever it appears five times in order to rotate the Blue One Way Gate. Once the gate has rotated, enter it before the egg blocks it.

Enter the Runestone Teleport.

Step 6

Flick the switches until you get to the end. You have a 50/50 chance of either being sent a seat forward/backwards.

Upon being teleported after flicking the last switch, stand on the Cat Rug to be awarded with the badge.