Mamma mia! Here we go!

Not again Princess Peach!

Step 1

Enter the teleporter shown below.

Step 2

Mamma mia! Wait in line patiently for your turn.


Use the arrow tiles to guide Mario to step on all 5 yellow tiles to turn them green. Once all 5 tiles are green, step on the ringplate to be teleported.

Enter the teleporter shown below.

Step 3

Make your way easily through the roller maze. Beward of the tortoise highlighted in red as it might stop you in your path.

Enter the teleporter shown below.

Step 4

Step on the tunnel to be teleported to the start point.

Make your way through the maze, using the safespots highighted in yellow to slowly progress to the end point.

Enter the teleporter shown below.

Step 5

There are 3 parts to this room. *WARNING* Being hit by any tortoises/grey balls will send you back to the start of the room.


Make your way to the other side while avoiding the tortoises highlighted in red.


Make your way around, while flicking all 5 switches to construct the bridge at the final part.


For Part 3, there 2 ways to get to the end. Firstly, progressing on using the One Way Gates, and secondly, using the color tiles.

PART 3 - Blue One Way Gates

 Use the one way gates to get to the end of the path. Use the safespots highlighted in yellow to avoid being hit by the tortoises.

PART 3 - Color Tiles

May your way to the end of the path. Only step on the color tiles when they are green while also avoiding the moving tortoises.

Step on the pink pandemics and go through the tele to receive your badge!