A Green and Gold Gala 

Do you have the luck of the Irish?

Step 1

Enter the teleport.

Step 2

Walk towards the tile highlighted in blue to proceed by only walking when the gnome is facing the direction shown below.

Say Leprechaun when the leprechaun is on top of the pressure plate.

Enter the teleport.

Step 3

Flick the switches in order to move the pots onto their corresponding tribal stages.

You will teleport to the next stage once you flick the switch when the pot is on top of its corresponding stage.

Make your way to the rip monster plant beds by avoiding the mannequins.

Step on the stone highlighted below to receive a secret badge!

Enter the teleport.

Step 4

Use all of the barley barrels highlighted below in order to turn the colour tiles green.

Once all of the colour tiles are green, say Done to proceed.

Enter the teleport.

Step 5

Wait patiently in the queue shown below.

Once in the game, you have 1 minute to guide the bot towards the green tile via the arrow plates and sky lantern shadow.

There are invisible furni blocking some of the path so it is advisable to use the route shown below.

Once the bot has reached the green tile, walk on the centre pressure plate to proceed.

Enter the teleport.

Step 6

Make your way to the light blue colour tile by using the path shown below.

Enter the teleport.

Step 7

Stand in front of the gates and say A good friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. to open them.

Sit on the golden pillow to receive your badge!