Well here goes another one!

How tough are you huh?

NOTE: You will have to do this maze twice to get both badges!

Step 1

Get to the end of this path by walking on the moving brown tiles.

Get through the one way gates and avoid stepping on any of the colour tiles.

Enter the teleport shown below.

Step 2

Complete the telephrase below.

• Kiwi

• Footsteps

• Crazyaceone

Get in line and wait for your turn.
Note: The game is 10 mins per 2 people.

Only walk to the end of the path when the teddy is wearing a bow and don't walk on the red tiles.

Flick the switch to get the duck to the end to teleport to the next section.

Get through the end of this section by using the one way gates.

Follow the path below, you must stay on this path.

Avoid the ducks and get to the stump chair.


Get through the roller maze and sit on the stump chair at the end of the path.

Find the correct flower but avoid stepping on the gangam style you will be teleported to the last section.

Enter the teleport for your badge.

Step 3

When you get to the badge room:

1. Sit on the tree on the left for the trophy badge

2. Sit on the tree on the right for the pig badge.