Back to Basics

Are you a Habbo know-it-all?

Step 1

Wait for the scene between the Bots to finish.

Enter the teleport shown below which will appear once the scene ends.

Step 2

Wait patiently in the queue shown below.

Once in the game, your have 1 minute to follow the Bot's instructions by sitting on and interacting with the Furni in the order given below.

1. Sit on the sofa shown below.

2. Stand on the remote controls highlighted below.

3. Use the fridge shown below until you are holding the milk handitem.

Tip: To check you are holding milk and not another drink, click on your Habbo avatar and check which item you are holding by looking at the tab highlighted below.

4. Sit on the bar stool highlighted below.

5. Pass through the gate which will have opened and enter the teleport.

Step 3

Wait for the Bots to stop speaking.

Once the scene is over, you have 30 seconds to find the correct mannequin such as the one highlighted below in order to change clothes.

The correct mannequin is random every round.

Note: Only one person can pass at a time.

Use the teleport shown below.

Step 4

Walk around the mermaids highlighted below in order to teleport.

The correct mermaid is random.

The designated spots are not always directly beside the mermaids but are somewhere near instead so you may need to walk around quite a large area.

Flick the switch shown below.

Upon completing this step you will receive a Pink Tortoise!

Enter the teleport shown below.

Step 5

Wait for the Bots to stop speaking.

Afterwards, use any of the switches shown below to enter the game.

Once in the game, you must answer 3 true or false questions correctly.

Stand on the red tiles if the answer is false.

Stand on the green tiles if the answer is true.

You will be automatically teleported once all 3 questions have been answered correctly.

The answers are given below.

1. Someone is asking me for my social media information. It's a smart idea to give it to them because everyone likes to know who's on the other side of the screen - False

2. Someone is bullying me online but they say if I report them, they will hack me. I should report them anyways - True

3. My friend recently asked me for my Habbo sign-in information. Although they're my friend, they could still hack me - True

Enter the teleport shown below.

Step 6

Sit on the sofa highlighted below to receive your badge!