Creations Terms of Service

By using the HabboBites Creations feature (including, but not limited to viewing, submitting and sharing of creations), you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service stated below.

Legal use of services

Acceptable usage

Users must abide to the HabboBites Terms of Service (which includes the Habbo Way), on top of the additional terms stated below.


Creations uploaded to HabboBites must strictly be of the following:

  • Habbo Rooms (screenshots)
    • Habbo rooms must be created on the legal Habbo servers (.com, .nl etc.)
    • Habbo rooms must not be altered in anyway to mislead users of the contents, design, or technique used
  • Habbo Pixel Art
  • Habbo Tutorials
  • Drawings

Creations must not include watermarks or logos to copyrighted material and external sites.

Additionally, content must adhere to the HabboBites Terms of Service. They include (but not limited to):

  • Insulting comments directed at others
  • Hate speech
  • Deliberate spam
  • Advertising external websites for profitablity
  • Pornography/links to
  • Drug reference
  • Hacking/scripting
  • Sensitive content like race and religion
  • Personal information of others or yourself
  • Out-of-Habbo contact
  • Real-life meet-ups
  • Sexually explicit content

All Habbo room submissions will be publicly displayed online and cannot be removed by the user unless it violates our Terms of Service.

Ownership of rooms

Users may submit rooms they find in-game but must credit the correct room owner.

Habbo room designs are not copyrighted and Habbos cannot request for his/her room design to be removed from the site. The management reserves the right to remove submitted rooms.

Ownership of pixel art, drawings, other creations

Other creations submitted (including, but not limtied to: pixel art, drawings) are copyrighted to its respective owners. Users submitting such content are responsible for the rights of others, including copyright (this means that you must have permission to redistribute the content or created the content yourself).

Copyright take down request

To request for your content to be removed from HabboBites creations, email HabboBites at contact [at] with the alleged infringed content and any legal supporting documents.

All creations may be used on any other areas on the site without prior consent.

The HabboBites Creations Terms of Service is subject to changes without prior consent.

DO NOT use HabboBites Creations unless you agree to the Terms of Service stated above.

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