Recently, my family brought me out to have dinner at 10 At Claymore, a buffet restaurant located in Pan Pacific Hotel (Singapore). The experience there was great and I'd like to share my experience with all of you.

Located near the entrance, the seafood section was remarkable. They were all fresh and tasty, but the lobster stood out in particular. There was so much meat in one lobster, and it was flavourful yet not too jelat (Singaporean slang for flavour overdose)!

For me, the oyster station had to be the highlight of the buffet experience. The way the station worked was that you told the person manning it how many of each kind of oyster you wanted, and the person would shuck the oysters for you. If the person deemed the oyster unfit for consumption after shucking it, he or she would not place it on your plate, ensuring that you're only eating good oysters. Adding a few drops of lemon to the oysters seemed to take them to a whole new level of deliciousness!

Seeing the succulent slabs of sashimi (and heap of seasoned seaweed), I couldn't resist having some of it. I went straight for my two favourite kinds of sashimi - salmon belly and tako. The tako was so-so, but the salmon belly was heavenly! Unfortunately, they ran out of salmon belly and tako quite early into the dinner service, so I did not get to have much of them.

The magnificent array of desserts did not fail to catch my eye. I knew I had to try it, despite knowing that they would likely fill me up quicker than the other foods I wanted to try, and I was right. Nonetheless, the desserts were delightful. The pâtissier(s) did not make the desserts awfully sweet, neither did they make them too bland. I'll definitely be going back there to have a second go at their amazing buffet experience!


10 at Claymore

Address: 10 Claymore Road, Lobby Level Pan Pacific Orchard, Pan Pacific, 229540

Phone: 6831 6686