About two and a half weeks ago, I went with my family for a short trip to Austria. I just thought I'd share some highlights of the  journey with all of you! (Warning in advance: my phototaking skills are quite bad)

Our flight to Austria consisted of two legs - from Changi Airport in Singapore to Frankfurt Airport in Germany and from Frankfurt Airport to Salzburg Airport. There was waiting time of about four hours in between the flights, so we spent our free time at one of the lounges at Frankfurt Airport. Free wi-fi, a free flow of food and drinks, and a comfortable temperature, I would've loved to stay in the lounge for the entire day! However, that wasn't possible, and before long we boarded the flight to Salzburg, reaching at around 7pm.

On the first day after reaching Austria, we rented a car and drove to Innsbruck. We visited many of the landmarks there like the Ambras Castle, the Court Church (Hofkirche) and the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl), pictured above. There was a Christmas Market (basically a European pasar malam) in front of the Golden Roof, and we got to enjoy the local street cuisine such as Glühwein, a traditional warm drink usually served in the winter. We also got to try sachertorte, a kind of chocolate cake, from the Café Sacher in Innsbruck.

Back in Salzburg, we got to visit the landmarks there also, including Mozart's Birthplace, known in German as Mozarts Geburtshaus. As you can probably draw from the name of the landmark, this was where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756. There is a museum inside the building which we visited, though I didn't manage to snap any photographs (sorry again!).

While in Austria, we also visited the Mirabell Palace, where several scenes of the renowned movie "The Sound of Music" was filmed. The horse fountain pictured above was where Maria and the children danced around and used the steps as a scale in the movie.

A (poorly taken) snapshot of the Mirabell Palace gardens, with the Hohensalzburg Castle visible in the background.

Unfortunately, this marks the end of my sharing of the trip! I hope you've enjoyed reading this article!