Gradual Sanctions

The biggest change in comparison to the old moderation system is that most of the sanctions are now gradual. The new ban chart progresses like so:

One offense will move you one step up on the above chart. Therefore, be careful of what you do/say in the hotel!



Sanctioned* users are given a 30–60 day long probation period, which starts the moment the sanction ends. Once the probation time comes to an end, a Habbo user’s ban record is wiped clean, and resetted.

However, if you are being sanctioned again during the probation period, you will be moved up the chart.

  • E.g: Hotel Alert -> 1 hour mute
  • E.g: 7 days ban -> 30 days ban


Sanctioned* - Impose a penalty on someone

Probation Periods


There are two types of probation periods: 30 days and 60 days.


30 Day Probation Period

30 Day Probation Periods are implemented on users who have one of the sanctions imposed upon them:

  • Hotel Alert
  • 1 hour mute
  • 18 hours ban
  • 7 days ban


60 Day Probation Period

60 Day Probation Periods are implemented on users who have one of the sanctions imposed upon them:

  • 30 days ban (Applies for both in the above chart)

How do I check my current sanction status?


To check your sanction record, simply click on the "Help" button found at the top-right hand corner, next to your purse.


Lastly, click on "My Sanction Status".







Fake/False Reports


From now on, sending in a fake/false report can get you sanctioned.

These reports will be seen as trolling or misuse of the reporting system.

However, you are now able to send in multiple calls of help without waiting for the previous report to be answered by a moderator.

Remember, think once before you act and twice before you speak!

Have a great day ahead!