Silly and Informative Days of the Year

Chocolate Soufflé Day

A nice chocolate soufflé is always underappreciated so here is an entire day dedicated to it!

What is a soufflé?

It is a cake that is very lightly baked and made with egg yolks and whites and it's combined with a bunch of other ingredients.

It's a French dessert and it is filled with a French cream and egg whites for the meringue. The flavor comes from the base of the ingredients and bakers put ingredients like cheese, fruit, chocolate, jam, etc. into the soufflé.



Floral Design Day

Do you like floral designs? Annually, the last day of February is a day to celebrate the existence of floral designs. There are so many different floral designs whether its the flowers themselves to textiles to paintings.

Floral designs are used every day in many different art forms and almost every day, you will see a floral design. Floral designs date back to ancient Egyptian times!

Public Sleeping Day

Take a nap! Anywhere, any time! This is a day to take a nap whether its on a beach, at the park, in the theatres, etc. Anywhere you can think it! Don't make this an excuse to sleep during work or in school though!

Taking a nice power nap in public can give a boost of energy! A power nap is 10-20 minutes long and doesn't leave you tired when you wake up. Sleeping for more than half an hour will leave you feeling sleepy.

Take a day to sleep in a place you usually wouldn't!

Tooth Fairy Day

Tooth fairies are not usually believed in this day and age and is usually an old fable told to children after they lose their teeth. When it came to health education in the early 90s, fairies were used in many senses like bath fairies, health fairies, wash fairies, etc. to get kids to remember what they're supposed to do and to become more obedient.

The tooth fairy idea was invented in 1927 from a children's book. Knowing this tale, the tooth fairy leaves behind money and it takes children's teeth that fall out. Creepy right?

The tooth fairy still lives today through the parents of children!

Do you have a story to tell about an experience with the "tooth fairy" when you were younger? Share in the reactions !