Silly and Informative Days of the Year

Beer Can Appreciation Day

The first day that beer cans were sold were in 1935 on this gracious day! There are many different kinds of beer cans and many to appreciate!

There are people around the world that collect cans and the standard size is not the only size!  There are many different sizes and types to appreciate.

Compliment Day

To make someone’s day nice, giving a simple compliment to someone can do that!

Compliments hold a lot of value and make people feel great about themselves. Noticing someone’s actions or achievements gives a person self-esteem and benefits their mood.

Pay attention to people’s actions and changes in everyday lifestyles and compliment them! It’ll show you are actually paying attention.

Compliment someone today by letting them know!

Peanut Butter Day

There are so many different kinds of peanut butter that can be appreciated. There are also so many combinations to make with peanut butter. This is a staple that is appreciated on a day like today!

Peanut butter was not really used until the 1900s and was more fed to animals before then. Today it has become a staple that can be found in just about any person’s home! Unless someone is allergic of course!

What do you love eating peanut butter with?