Silly and Informative Holidays of the Year

Selfie Day !

Selfies have been a thing as long as hand-held cameras have been.

The world selfie has become such a huge part of today's society that its even been added to the dictionary!

To celebrate, celebrate yourself! Take selfies and post it on a social media. Don't worry, you're beautiful!

World Music Day

Music is celebrated every day of the year, everywhere around the world.

Today is a special day to celebrate all music from all cultures, ages and people around the world.

Listen to new music today or something you wouldn't usually listen to.

To celebrate, just listen to music, and if you already do, good for you! Listen to music more today than you usually do.

Go Skateboarding Day

Skateboarding is a sport enjoyed by many people around the world.

Being able to skateboard is something that has to be learned.

If you already know how to skateboard, you should go out today with friends and enjoy the day!

If you don't know how to skate, and you have always wanted to, today is a good motivational day to do so!