Silly and Informative Holidays of the Year!

Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

It's a day to celebrate the existence of chocolate ice cream!

Chocolate ice cream is the second most loved flavor of ice cream, right next to vanilla.

The contents of chocolate ice cream is vanilla, sugar, eggs, cream, and the final and needed ingredient, cocoa powder.

To celebrate, you can sit back and have yourself a bowl of chocolate ice cream!

VCR Day!

June 7th is the day dedicated to the VCR!

VCR stands for video cassette recorder, which was used in the past to record shows on television, and then the video could be played back.

Most younger people today do not even know what a VCR is nor what the purpose of it was.

Throughout the 1970s all the way to the 1990s, VCRs were used often and greatly appreciated.

Do you have a VCR still? Do you use it? Today is a good day to go back and watch old VHS tapes on your VCR!