Silly and Informative Days of the Year

Croissant Day

The wonderfully made croissant, made of dough with extra thin layers to create it's unique texture. 

Today is a day to appreciate the croissant pastry we know that has been around for quite awhile.

Try making your own croissant today from scratch or create a new combonation of food to eat with them. The possibilites are endless!

What is your favorite way to eat croissants?

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Usually, the last Monday of January is the day that celebrates the wonderful existence of bubble wrap.

Even though bubble wrap's primary use was for packaging things safely, people buy it just to pop it because of it's satisfying noise.

Appreciating this is important because of it's many uses.

Go out and get some bubble wrap today and pop away! It's extremely stress relieving.