Hey guys, it's Kate again! Today I'll be showing you guys how to make small, yet delicious chocolate candies! They are great for serving in a bowl or just for a little snack. 
- Chocolate Compounds ---> Milk, Dark or White
- Rubber Chocolate Molds 
- Microwaveable Bowls ( There's another method without using Microwave, but this one is way easier to explain)
- Decorative Foil (If you want to decorate the little cuties!)

Step 1. Break down the chocolate compounds, and place them in the bowls.
Step 2. Microwave them for 2 minutes, checking and mixing them up every 30 seconds.
Step 3. When fully melted, pour the chocolate carefully into the molds.
Step 4. If your freezer is not that stable,  or there's a chance of water making it's way into the candies, please DO NOT use it. The water will mix with the chocolate, basically turning into brown ice. So, if you leave it out, it will definitely dry slowly, but it will be safer.
Step 5. After the candies have frozen, gently push on the backs, sliding them out.
Step 6. Cut out pieces of the foil, slightly bigger than the actual candies.
Step 7. Place the candies in the middle of the piece of foil, wrapping it completely. Make sure it's all secure, because if it opens up, it will just look cheap.
Step 8. Place in a cute mason jar and label it, or put it in a cute bowl for guests. Or gobble it all up! (It's what I would do, so no need to be shy!)