Hey guys! This is not that special, but I got a request for it so, um..yeah. I don't know if they wanted me to have cupcake batter made of nutella or icing of nutella but I chose the latter x Here we goo!
- Usual Batter (Eggs, Flour etc.)
- Nutella
- Plastic Baggie with tip of choice
- Butter

Step 1. Pour the usual batter into cupcake tins, and bake them as always
Step 2. Take the plastic baggie, cutting open one end to slide the tip in
Step 3. Separately, beat the melted butter in a bowl.
Step 4. Add the sugar, mixing well.
Step 5. Now add the nutella and cream and beat it.
Step 6. Pipe it into the baggie, and decorate your cupcakes!
Step 7. ...YUM!