There are 5 official game rooms that are created by users. When you have completed them successfully, you will get a Game Hub Sloth!

The February User Game of the Month is awarded to ... *drumrolls*


None other than ::sunny::, one of the co-founders of Habbobites! :D

Find his room here:

Room Owner: MOD-Xebal

Room Name: [::sunny::] – Hippo Invader


"Frank chose the sloth for 2016’s Rare Furni, the Hippos are outraged and is now invading Habbo! Stop the invasion NOW!"

Upon completion of this room, you'll get a Hippo Invader badge!

The four other rooms can be found here:

Room Owner: MOD-Xebal

Room Name: [osi30NO] – The Apocalypse


Room Owner: MOD-Xebal

Room Name: [Otvangst]-µ-Battleball


Room Owner: MOD-Xebal

Room Name: [Terregan] Snowboarding Superstar


Room Owner: Mod-Xebal

Room Name: [Snotlout] Ratrace

Have fun! ^-^