Create and control fire!

NOTE: You need to collect at least 3 badges, one from each week to be able to obtain the bonus badge. The previous rooms close when the next one opens. So collect the badges on time.


18th - HabboQuests
18th - HFFM

24th - Habbox
24th - HabboBites

1st - RPG
1st - HBC
1st - Bonus Badge

Step 1

Slither into this teleport.

Step 2

Wait in line for your turn and for the bots to be done hissing.

Once in the game, you have 1 minute 40 seconds to complete the following.

Use the arrow tiles to guide the Grand Phoenix to the centre of each Emblem of the Habbocalypse highlighted in pink below.

Once all the Emblem of the Habbocalypse has disappeared, step on the ringplate to receive your badge.