Classic Habbo Games!

Were you here when rooms used to be like these?

Step 1

Enter the teleport shown below.

Step 2

Wait in line to teleport.

Enter teleport.

Step 3

Wait in line for your turn.

Get to the stella tile before the dragon does.

Enter teleport.

Step 4

Wait for the door to open to enter.

Flick any of the switches to teleport (the correct one changes).

Enter teleport.

Step 5

Sit on any of the benches and answer with any of these answers depending on the theme.

Countries (beginning with C): Chad
Sports: Football
Vegetable: Aubergine

Enter teleport.

Step 6

Get the drinks according to what the bot says. Once you have gotten a correct drink from the mochamaster, sit on any of the majestic chair to turn a colour tile green. Do this until all three colour tiles are green.

Note: The bot will tell you when you've gotten the right drink.

Once all the colour tiles are green, say done.

Enter teleport.

Step 7

Find the correct seat (it changes frequesntly).

Enter teleport.

Step 8

Wait in line for your turn.

Once in the game, you have 30 seconds to complete the following.

Get to the ice cream maker and use either one to turn the slope light green. Then, run back to the mushroom.

Avoid the moving gnomes as they teleport you out.

Enter teleport for your badge.