Are you ready for some mind control?

NOTE: You need to collect at least 3 badges, one from each week to be able to obtain the bonus badge. The previous rooms closes when the next one opens. So collect the badges on time.


18th - HabboQuests
18th - HFFM

24th - Habbox
24th - HabboBites

31st - RPG
31st - HBC
31st - Bonus Badge

Step 1

Enter this teleport.

Step 2

Wait for your turn in queue.

Once in game you have 30 seconds to do the following.

Use the switch to move the red blob to the colour tiles that are either red, blue or pink. You have to do all three activities on the colour tiles mentioned. You can only move the blob forward.

Say *walk* to move the bot to the red blob.

When the bot is on the red tile, say *wave*.

When the bot is on the blue tile, say *blow kiss*.

When the bot is on the pink tile, say *thumbs up*.

Here are the possible combinations of tiles.

Once all the colour tiles have turned orange, move the blob to the last orange tile, say *walk* to move the bot. 

Say done when the bot is on the orange tile to receive your badge.