In view of Valentine's Day and a competition amongst Habbo Staff members, the Staff Love Lock Marathon is officially open!

Between 11th February and 15th February 8am GMT/4pm SGT, Mod-Xebal, MOD-MissCleo and Co. will be locking love locks with Habbos!
All you need to do is place your love lock in a roomtag your room with the name of the staff you want to lock your love lock with and watch out for an hotel alert!

Love-Locking Schedule


11 Feb Olsoweir                          (tag your room with #olsoweir)
11 Feb MOD-Xebal                      (tag your room with #xebal)
12 Feb MOD-MissCle0patra      (tag your room with #misscleo)
13 Feb MOD-megaalalakazam (tag your room with #megaala)
13 Feb MOD-Aukiro                    (tag your room with #aukiro)
14 Feb MOD-Dacom                   (tag your room with #dacom)
14 Feb .beeches.                          (tag your room with #beeches)
14 Feb powertoo                         (tag your room with #powertoo)
**Waltz will not be around as she is on a break. She will be back in March to do some love-locking.

Valentine's Day Party Schedule

14 Feb - Valentine's Day Party with MOD-Dacom and [HFFM] DJs at 3pm GMT/11pm SGT.
14 Feb - Valentine's Day Party with MOD-MissCle0patra. (Time is to be confirmed.)

Have a great Valentine's Day guys! ^-^