HabboBites 4th Birthday!

I cannot believe it's been four years...

Step 1

Stand in front of any of the cannonballs and say *throw* only when the moving hamster puipui is on the ringplate.

Stand in front of the target practice booth and say *play a game*.

Take an ice cream from the ice cream stand.

Sit on any of the chairs until the last colour tile turns green.

Once all the colour tiles are green, say done to teleport.

Enter teleport.

Step 2

Wait in line for your turn.

Once in the game, you have about 55 seconds to complete the following.

Use the arrow tiles on the right to guide the puck on the arrow tiles on the left which will move the goat.

The goat has to avoid stepping on the red tiles or it will reset to the start.

The goat has to be guided to the ringplate at the end. Once the goat is on the ringplate, step on the pressure plate in the centre to teleport.

Enter teleport.

Step 3

Use the tiki lei for your badge.