Playground games!

Do kids these days even go to the playground anymore?

Step 1

Find the three bots and say I found you! while standing beside them (the combination changes each time someone gets it).

Combination 1:

Combination 2:

Combination 3:

Once you have found all three, say done quickly.

Enter teleport.

Step 2

Walk along the colour tiles to find the red tile. When you are close, the bot will tell you. 

The position of the red colour tile changes each time.

Enter teleport.

Step 3

Say the following until you have all the items.

Sports bag

Zen bonsai tree

Weird toy

Pile of letters

Office clutter

Human pollution

Playing cards

Garden tool basket

Say done once you have all the items.

Enter teleport.

Step 4

Get to the other side while only walking when the bot says GREEN LIGHT!

If you walk when the bot says RED LIGHT!, you will teleport back to start.

Enter teleport.

Step 5

Wait in line for your turn.

Once in the game, you have to survive for one minute while doing the following.

Use the arrow tiles to move the bots up to the habnam when the sign is lit as shown. Move them off as soon as the sign if not lit.

You will teleport out if you do not get this right.

Enter teleport.

Step 6

Wait in line for your turn.

Play rock papper scissors with the bot by choosing either rock, paper or scissors. If you win the bot, you will teleport.

Enter teleport.

Step 7

Step on the trampoline to receive your badge.