[Habbox] Superheroes

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Easy Bitesy

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Come join Habbox in their superhero event whilst earning yourself some badges!


Step 1

Walk on the red carpet to teleport to the first tile with a halo.

If you did not teleport, wait for the tour to finish before walking again.

Wait for bot to finish speaking while on these 4 tiles.

Enter the teleport.


Step 2

Step on the colour tiles when the spider web is on the green tile.

You have to time this right.

Note: You have to do this 3 times.

Enter the teleport.


Step 3

Type "drop" to start.

You have to get to the teleport on the right.

You can walk diagonally past the crystals but not on the four squares beside each of them. If you do you get teleported back to the start.

Note: You have 1 minute to complete this.

Enter the teleport.


Step 4

Wait in the queue.

Help Batman pick the items he need to save the city.

Sort out which furni gets into the trash and which will go into Batman's bag.

Step on the arrow tiles to change the direction of the middle roller.

When the 3 items he needs are on the left roller, type "done".

Enter the teleport.


Step 5

Wait in the queue.

Get to the green tile before time runs out.

If a box is in the way, stand next to it and double click it to break it.

Note: You have 30 seconds to complete this.

Enter the teleport.


Step 6

Walk on stage for a badge as shown below.

Step 7

Enter the teleport for the final badge.