[HBC] Bad Bunny

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Easy Bitesy

Can we make the Bad Bunny good again?

Step 1

Wait for the timer to end to be teleported into the game.

Wait for the bot to finish speaking and use the right yellow delight to teleport.

Enter the teleporter.

Step 2

Flick the switch.

Wait in line.

Flick the switch when the chocolate is on the pink tile.

Note: You only have a minute to do this.

Enter the teleporter.

Step 3

Wait in line.

Flick the switch whenever a chocolate treat appears. When all 3 of the treats has been collected the tile will turn green. Flick the switch again to teleport.

Enter the teleporter.

Step 4

Walk over to the area highlighted in green when the bot is not facing the way shown. If you move when the bot faces you, you will be teleported back.

Enter the teleporter.

Step 5

Wait in line.

Guide the Luxury Chocolate Bunny to the easter goodies using the arrow tiles. Do not collide with the bot.

Step on the pressure plate in the middle when done.

Enter the teleporter.

Step 6

Complete the roller maze while also flicking the switches to open the gate at the end.

The gate will only open when all switches have been flicked and the tile under them is green.