Welcome To Your First Test

Come get your potions!

Step 1

Enter this teleport.

Step 2

Wait for your turn as usual.

Once in the game, you have 80 seconds to complete the following.

You will be playing in pairs to find the correct ingredients.

Do not get hit by the moving chocolate mouse or you will be trapped in a cage.

If you are trapped, say Escapium! to get out.

To collect Witch Crystal, both of you have to be sitting on the chairs highlighted in green below and flick the switch until the trunk opens and the crystal appears. Then say * to collect it.

If you are alone, flick the switch highlighted in blue and lure the ghost to the seat by the window.

To collect the Long Feathers, sit on all the chairs highlighted in green then say * while sitting on one of them.

To collect the Fragrant Herbs, stand on the highlighted tile and say to collect it.

To collect the Witch Potion, use the pumpkin patch highlighted in green and then say * beside the Witch Potion to collect it.

Once all the correct items have been collected, step on the pressure plate that appears to receive your badge and Witch Potions.