Monsters are not supposed to befriend humans

Boo! Got you there huh?

Step 1

Wait for gate to open then step in it.

While seated on any of the seats, answer the question with he left the door open.

Enter teleport.

Step 2

Wait in line for your turn.

Once in the game, you have 30 seconds to collect all 5 moving paperballs.

Once all the paper balls have been collected, flick the switch shown.

Enter teleport.

Step 3

Get to the switch and flick it by avoiding the moving clothes.

Enter teleport.

Step 4

Wait for the rope divider to open. It opens for 10 seconds each minute.

Flick the switch for your first badge.

Wait for the rope divider again.

Sit on any of the chairs to teleport (the right one changes).

Enter teleport.

Step 5

Wait in line for your turn.

Once in the game you have about 55 seconds to complete the following.

Flick the switch in front of the toilet stall that the bot boo is inside until all the tiles under the switches are orange. You can tell which stall the bot is in by the closed toilet stall but the bot teleports really quickly so be alert.

Say done when complete.

Enter teleport.

Step 6

Walk to the gate.

Say Goodnight Boo while standing on the spot shown.

Enter teleport.

Step 7

Stand in the spots shown below and say following to turn colour tiles green.

red paint

the letter b

a slipper

a tomato in an elevator

you planet

Say *burps* to receive your final badge once all the colour tiles are green.