Time to get a job!

Or learn about which career path you'd never want to pursue.

Step 1

Walk over to the doorway in order to be teleported to the first booth.

Enter the teleport shown below.

Step 2

Flick the switches to get the flasks to the colour tiles at the opposite end.

Sit on the correct seat to teleport, please note that this changes randomly.

Enter the teleport.

Step 3

Enter the teleport shown below.

Step 4

Get in the line and wait until your turn. Don't forget to step on the colour tile when the gate opens.

Catch crabs in the basket by stepping on the respective colour tile until the turtle reaches the other end. 

Once completed, walk over to the ice pile and say *unload* to unload your catch.

Walk in front of the cash register and say *sell* to teleport

Enter the teleporter.

Step 5

Sit on the styling chair to receive the secret badge and then enter the teleporter.

Step 6

Get in the line and wait until your turn.

Guide the bot using the arrow tiles and the red blob to the pink colour tiles to turn them green before the timer runs out. Once completed, walk on the arrow tiles or the center plate to teleport.

Enter the teleport.

Step 7

Enter the teleport shown below.

Step 8

Watch the short film.

Step on the colour tiles that will appear once the film is over in order to teleport in to the game.

Flick the switches in order to extinguish the flames, watch out for the flame tiles as they will send you back to the sidewalk. You can only cross at the areas highlighted in green. 

Say done once the five colour tiles are green.

Enter the teleport.

Step 9

Enter the teleport shown below.

Step 10

Make your way across to the arrow tile without being hit by the moving rocks.

Enter the teleport.

Step 11

Walk over to the castle floor and say one of the following career paths in order to receive your badge:

• Science
• Marketing
• Construction
• Firefighting
• Fashion and Makeup