Annyeonghaseyo! This is my first time writing a blog xD
I'll just post some decent photos from my Korea Trip in 2016 December

I took a 11AM flight to Korea on Korean Airlines (KE648) departing from Singapore Changi Airport. Day 1-> 23/12/2016. The flight was pretty packed.  

Flight review:
I was on A330 and the economy seat was not very comfortable for me as compared to other airlines.. The crew was friendly but when they get busy, your request for a cup of water may never arrive!! Always request whatever you want one shot before another long wait~ 

I reached Incheon Intl Airport in the evening. Day 1 was just purely for flying and sleeping. The temperature was -2 degree Celsius when I was there.. 

Novotel was the hotel I stayed for the first night before tmr morning flight to Jeju! The interior was really luxurious and filled with Christmas decorations~~ With the cold temperature, it really felt like Christmas already (Only 23rd Dec)

Day 2:

Before flying off to Jeju, we headed to Mapo Market. They sell lots of groceries there, ranging from dried goods to live seafood. Since it was winter, majority of them were selling strawberries, tangerines, snacks and some Korean traditional desserts. 
This box of strawberries was only 7000WON! Appealing red colour & very sweet strawberries~~

This was the interior of Mapo Market. I thought it would warmer inside since it's indoor but it was freezing.. All the fruits sold there was very affordable and fresh! Only bought some so I don't have to carry bulk of them to my flight

Before departing for Jeju, We were brought to some restaurant for some Gamchatang (I think..). Since they had quite a number of side dishes + the huge portion that was served (refillable), this was quite a heavy meal for me. Btw, Korean restaurants ferment their own Kimchi. The taste will vary from shop to shop (Some salted, some more sweet). Oh and yes, water is served free of charge unlike Singapore (which charge you 50 cents for tap water =.=) 

Don't forget to buy their best selling Banana milk for just 1,300 won. All convenience stores will have them. 

I can't really recall but this place should be the Ice museum.. There are some some ice gallery within this building, together with Trick eye gallery on the 3rd level. 

This is Jeju's renown Dragon Head Rock attraction.. I don't really see any dragon head though. You can give this place a miss and go for other attractions xD This place was nothing but just full of rocks and some Harabong (Popular statues in Jeju). The "Dragon head rock" was formed after a volcanic eruption.. 

We ended our day well with a sumptuous dinner. The Korean Traditional Set was served as part of the Tour package. Lots of side dishes were served and all were very appetising! The meat had some milky flavour, which I found it quite interesting. Oh and seaweed soup is served at almost all Korean restaurants~ I'm not sure about how much this set cost. Probably around 37,000 won.
We were allowed to refill the rice & side dishes when we finish them so this was one of the best food we had for day 2! 


We accommodated in Jeju Oriental Hotel for the 2nd & 3rd night. The hotel lobby had a wonderful ambience , with manmade water fall to the left side of the photo. There's a Casino too~ The staffs were very friendly.

This marks the end of part 1 Korea Blog.. I'll upload if I have more time~ Support my first blog thx everyone :D