Show off your creativity in Habbo's brand new competition, which will be repeated for a few times over the next few months!

Entrants of this competition will be considered for BAW. However, if you have been in BaW previously, you will not be considered, but you will still have the chance to win the showcase!



Build YOUR dream room that showcases all of your building talent! - Habbo is looking for the most creatively designed rooms!

  • Once you’ve completed the room, send a screenshot using the ':screenshot' function in-game.
  • Submit your entry via email on habbocompetitions[at] with the subject: "Pulx’s Dream Habbo Rooms"
  • Deadline: Monday, 22 February, 12 noon GMT/8pm SGT.
  • Please include your Habbo name in the screenshot and room link.
  • You must be the owner of the room.‚Äč


There will be a total of 6 winners in each competition. These 6 winners will obtain an exclusive badge!

The champion will also receive 1-month's worth of Builders' Club!

All entries will be considered for future BAW seasons, when team selection begins.

The winners' rooms will be added to a Builder's Showcase Hallway, so make your entry count! ^-^

Happy Building! :D