"You made it, you actually made it on time- congratulations. After missing your flight and despite not being able to train in the appropriate facilities you have still reached week three, and you’re ready to compete against the toughest and most talented Habbos from around the world in Helsinki’s greatest Winter games!"


  1. Open the "Rooms" Icon.
  2. Under "Public", scroll down and click on "BAW: Builders At Work".
  3. Room Name : "[BaW] Winter Olympic Games - Stadium" 

All of the instructions are given via the wired messages in the room.

There are a total of 2 badges that you can obtain from this quest.

Tips/Secret Badge

Room 1

There are 3 positions the backstage pass will be moved to. 

Stand at where the avatar is currently at. It will only take up to 10 seconds for the backstage pass to be in front of you, as it is seen in the picture below!

Room 2

The secret badge is located in this room.

Step on the dried leaves before you proceed with sitting on the runway chairs.

You will be rewarded with the secret badge!


  • Type "Score!" before you start to hit the puck into the goal. That way, it'll save more time.
  • If there are many people in the rink trying to score the puck into the goal, anticipate. If you think the puck will be going into the goal at that moment, just hit "Enter". 
  • Be aware of your surroundings! Do not let the wandering Health Nut catch you! Otherwise, you'll need to start from the beginning.

Room 3

Only walk when the stadium lights are on.

Being slow and steady is better than being fast and reckless.

If you are fast enough, you can walk up to 4 or 5 tiles at a time!

If you are still being teleported back when walking 4 tiles at a time, try doing 3.

Remember, this requires lots of patience! :)




Room 4

How to play Freeze?

The rules are pretty simple. Go near the freeze ice blocks and click on the freeze tile you are currently standing on.

Move aside as the snowball will freeze anybody in their path. If you are being hit, you will lose points. Collect the power ups and repeat the steps again.

The person with higher points will win the game, and gets to proceed to the next room.

Room 5 (Last Room)

Congratulations! You're nearing the end of the Winter Olympics!

At the second part of the snowboard patch, Move to either sides of the snowboard patch and click on the next tile when the snowy rocks are moving away from you. The chances of being struck by the rocks will be greatly reduced!

      Hooray! You're first in the Winter Olympics and even broke the world record!

      You have earned yourself a Habbo badge! Good job! :D

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