Did we enjoy the season of sharing and togetherness?

Lets see our winners down below!

1st prize

Jinder101 - 20 coins & 20 Bites Points

I would be kris kringle to Kanobee because he's the reason why i joined in this site. We had fun moments in the game since we work in the same place. Also he's a very good guide and a friend. *cheers :)

2nd Prize

Daz - 10 coins & 20 Bites Points


I would be Kris Kringle to Rachy because we have been best friends online for 7+ years and she has been supportive in my life. Friends like Rachy makes the world a better place. Thank you so much for being SO amazing! Love ya :) <3 xx

3rd Prize

Cheekyfluffa- 5 coins & 20 Bites Points

I'd be Kris Kringle to morgziie because she is such a kind hearted person who is veryyy deserving of gifts! She is also extremely generous so I would like to give even just a portion of her generosity back to her :") <3

All participants will receive an exclusive username icon! 

NOTE: Prizes expire on the 4th January 2020, please collect your prizes from Audemars by then.