Did we enjoy sharing the HabbBites community our pet?

I was a little dissapointed no one submitted a balloon as an entry but never fear we got plenty of pets to awe about on our walls and I appreciate everyone who entered and an apology for announcing this late as I been stuck in bed all of last week with the flu. So with that being said let's head to our winners!

1st Prize

Loses wins 20 credits & 20 bite points with her cute doggo Charlie

2nd Prize 

Aurelli wins 10 credits & 10 bite points with her tired doggo Sherly

3rd Prize

Stojbot wins 5 credits & 5 bite points with her cute lil cat, Suri


All participants will receive an exclusive username icon!(TBD) 

NOTE: Prizes expire on the 6th May 2019, please collect your prizes from Audemars by then.