Have we chilled down? Lost ourselves through time?

Relaxation is an amazing feeling, let's see who are our top relaxers.

1st Prize

Denise wins 20 Credits & 20 Bite Points for her detailed way of just relaxing!

'I'd just SLEEEP HAHAHA but apart from that i'll also listen to ASMR! Bc I’m always stressed out with school & almost everything so I’ll usually listen it while doing my work to calm myself down. There are many good ASMR channels out there, but I’d highly recommend y’all to check out Gibi ASMR! Most of her videos on her channel are whispering/talking softly videos which i really love. For some ASMR channels, they do whispering videos their voice sounds forced and not natural yknow. So it's nice when she does such videos as it's really soothing & calming in way for me HEH. But if you are not a fan of talking/whispering videos, y’all can also check out ASMRSurgefor videos with high quality audio, and no talking! Honestly it’s up to personal preference on which type of ASMR you like more or maybe ASMR is not a thing for you but do give it a try!'

2nd Prize

DiazoVitriol wins 10 Credits & 20 Bites Points for making us feel better about feeding ourselves!

'For me, I usually just stuff my face with lots of food to relax. Being blessed with high metabolism has entitled me to eat ANYTHING, and not to mention the amount. You ain't need anybody when you've got food.'

3rd Prize

Seth wins 5 Credits & 20 Bites Points for his laid back advice with garden care!

'During the summer, I relax by watering the lawn and then finishing off by having some ice cream.

In the winter, I relax by mostly playing video games.

As you can see, if you give me ice cream and a healthy lawn then I will not be stressed.'

All participants will receive an exclusive username icon! 

NOTE: Prizes expire on the 26th August 2019, please collect your prizes from Audemars by then.