Let's catch these gremlins!

Do not let them invade us!

Step 1

Flick all five switches shown below. There are two different combinations.

Enter the teleport that appears when all lights are green.

Step 2

Get to the teleports making sure the gremlins do not hit you.

Enter teleport.

Step 3

Wait for your turn.

When the black monolith goes down, enter the area and flick all 4 switches without the gremlins hitting you then go to the white spaceship door highlighted in green.

You can only step on each pressure plate once. Do not step on the red tiles or you will be out.

Note: You have 30 seconds to complete.

Enter the teleport.

Step 4

Flick any of the switches that appear every 15 seconds. You will wear a helmet for 8 seconds.

With the helmet on, walk up to each gremlin to catch them.

Once all the gremlins have been caught, walk past the glassdoor to teleport.

Enter the teleport.

Step 5

Wait for your turn.

Using the arrow tiles, move the Biosphere to the area highlighted in green then walk around to receive your badge and recyclable items.
Note: You have 20 seconds to do this.