Hey Guys! Love is in the air!

Valentine's Day is just round the corner, and Habbo will be releasing new Valentine's Day furni and bundles on 01 Feb 2016! Activities start on 08 Feb 2016!


A few weeks ago, Habbo has started sketching a few Valentine's Day furni!

There are 4 sketches that Habbo users have managed to find.

There is also an adorable animated cat!

Big thanks to HabboTravel for the images!

Below are more images of new Valentine's Day Furni, along with their badges!

Big thanks to Habtium for the images!

Next up, more Valentine's Bundles/Furni! :D

Big thanks to Habtium for the images!

Big thanks to HabboQuest forums for the images!

Lastly, a new Valentine's Rare!

Big thanks to Habtium for the images!

Have you prepared a gift for your valentine? These furni will make a perfect gift for your loved ones! ^-^