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Random Recommendations

Bloom Bloom by The Boyz

First of all the jump from the last title track ( No air ) to this comeback was such a big change but since TBZ are legends they made it look cool anyway. I love the music video so much and the choreography really wraps it all up into the legendary title track it is. The music is light and fun and definitely a mood booster for when you’re feeling low. The lyrics are also really cute (So if you have time check out the lyric videos or ELSE).

This week's random recommendation was submitted by Jamie.

Canvas Madness

There's only a few days left to enter this month's canvas madness competition for an opportuity to win the exclusive site icon. Head on over here to participate, and do not forget that it is competely free!


Last week we asked you "What do you think Habbo should release as its next 'rare' credit furni?" and here are the results:

A shoe - 6

A doggo - 3

A turtle - 1

A carrot - 2

Funkyhabbo - 20

None of the above - 3

Let's be real here for a moment, nobody actually wants to have a solid gold shoe/doggo/turtle/carrot to display in their rooms..? Also, I wonder what the credit value for our selected new credit furni would be. A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!

Do you want fries with that?

It's time to channel your inner 10 year old child and pursue your fear of working at a fast food restaurant as this week's competition is in celebration of World Hamburger Day. Head on over to the competition article over here, click on the linked web page in order to construct your ideal burger and share it in the forum thread provided. Don't forget to desribe your burger (and name it if you want) in order to recieve the Happy Burger icon!

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