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Last week we asked you "Will you be purchasing any of the new festival furni on Habbo?and here are the results:

Yes - 7

No - 5

I'm poor - 14

Will they release more pastel furni? - 6

None of the above - 2

Good to know that most of us are still unable to afford the highly-inflated badges that Habbo churns out on a weekly basis. If you purchase a bundle, make sure to complete the respective guide here at HabboBites in order to score yourself some bites points (amongst other potential rewards). A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!

Member Spotlight

This week I had the opportunity to have a chat with none other than Genn, one of our radio hosts here at HabboBites. I asked him to share with us his favourite meal of the day such that we may know what he loves to bite in to. He replied: "Dinner it is, because that’s when I love to fancy some takeaway or delivery or go out." Interesting indeed, and he even mentioned that he is a huge fan of Indian cuisine (like a certain other somebody)! In order to prevent him from making our stomachs grumble any louder, I also asked him to share with us his favourite season. He responded: "I love Summer; it gets pretty hot here but the sea is warm and I love to swim. No college and exams, hence relaxing and do what I love! Plus I love summer habbo furni line. 😛" Perhaps we may all get to visit him in Cyprus, better known as Mediterranean beachland 24/7, soon!

You can check out his profile over here, and stay tuned for more Member Spotlights in the future!

Random Recommendations

Touch by NCT 127

I chose this song because the tune makes me feel like i've just entered the happiest place alive. The MV adds that playful touch that resembles the tune- until you look up the lyrics are realise they're a bit sexual. Overall a great song and i'm definitely going to stan NCT as a whole now!

This week's random recommendation was submitted by Jamie.

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