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Paging Captain Olimar!

It's time to collect your Pikmin! Wait, you're telling me that I misheard again? It's time to head on down to the parc/beach/dump/instagrammable locations for your picnics. All you need to do is to guess the secret password to the question on the competition article over here and share a screenshot of yourself in the room. All participants will receive a brand-new icon so don't miss out on the amazing opportunity.


Last week we asked you "Would you wear a flower crown to a music festival in real life?" and here are the results:

Of course! - 7

No way! - 2

Get some phenolphthalein - 5

*dances in field* - 6

None of the above - 2

Based on the results above, make sure to avoid everybody from the HabboBites community at any music festival as they are only there to be basic.. A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!

"For desktop gamers only"

What does the quote above even mean? What's a desktop? Who is it directed towards? Who even said it? Stay tuned to find out.

HabboBites Screenshots


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