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Last week we asked you "Do you like snakes?and here are the results:

The reptiles? - 2

The people? - 8

Yes - 3

No - 7

Maybe - 1

None of the above - 3

Well it is obvious that many of us are not sure what kind of snakes I meant, yet a small group of our community is certain that they like neither kind of snake. Hopefully you were also able to participate in our amazing World Snakes Day badge event created by our amazing Room Builders Department as this poll question was inspired by the event. A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!

It's a space race!

Put on your spacesuit and strap on your oxygen tanks as this week you are challenged to survive against a particular foe, the Astro Bunny. Check out the article over here for more information and the link to the room. Don't forget that you can score the adorable Wabbit icon by participating!

Look an asteroid!

Isn't it beautiful?


HabboBites Screenshots


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