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Ask the Staff

After quite the long hiatus, we asked the staff “What do you expect to see in Weekly Bites #150? and here are some of their responses:

i expect to see more yeehaws and seth dancing with the beat off - Princehooligan

I expect to see it being late and coming out on a Wednesday instead of Monday. - Sary

i expect to see an empty box with the thumbnail 'a picture of a hot cow will be added soon' 😄 - darrenchan

uhmmmmmmmm tbh idk, maybe puns from seth - Denise

I don’t got a clue - DiazoVitriol

Turn on the TV!

If you have yet to do so, make sure to check out the site competition over here with an upcoming deadline this week. It is in celebration of World Television day and there are some awesome prizes to be won. Do not miss your chance to participate and score yourself that sweet site icon!


Last week we asked you "Has Christmas taken over November?" and here are the results:

Uhh.. - 0

Maybe? - 5

No - 2

Yes - 8

January is not safe - 7

None of the above - 0

The results are in and the general consensus shows that the holiday spirit is quickly invading local months. Soon Christmas will reign supreme all Winter long.. A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!

Silly Speeches

This week's silly speech was submitted by Princehooligan.

Next Week

Looks like it is time for another milestone edition! Keep your fingers crossed and your seatbelts buckled, it may for once be on time.

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