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Bitesvision Recap


Thank you to everybody for coming down and supporting your friends and fellow HabboBites members as they took the stage in our third season of Bitesvision! A very special thank you to IAmReallyBored for helping with literally everything, as well as all of the jurors. Even though there were a few rough patches, this event turned out to be a huge success and broke many site records! There were a total of 85 unique users who casted their votes, which is outstanding! Everybody who voted will be recieving a site achievement shortly, designed by Funkyhabbo himself!

Congratulations to Asteile for winning this contest, and to NurseryGrimes as the runner-up! You both will be recieving special site achievements. All contestants will also be recieving a site achievement for participating, don't worry! These site achievements have all been designed by the lovely Xenid.

Here are some screenshots from the event :





Last week we asked you "Which is your favourite treat?" and here are the results:

Cake - 19

Candy - 14

Chocolate - 21

All of the above - 33

Clearly a lot of people have quite the sweet tooth! A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!



Fashion Frenzy


The theme last week was "Celebrity Couples", here are some of the entries :


BTS' "vkook" at the BBMAs. By : Resorted & Merv


Mr. & Mrs. SmithBy : Harriet & Larry


Next weeks theme is "Pokémon" so get creative and start dressing up!



Silly Speeches


This week's silly speeches were submitted by Jamie,

and Princehooligan.



What's Down the Hole?


Make sure to check out this competition celebrating the 4000 member milestone here at HabboBites! There are a lot of prizes to be given away, including, but not limited to, credits, bites points, and even a site achievement! Check out the article here for more details.



HabboBites Snapshots



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