Welcome to the 21st Weekly Bites! 

Here we will recap everything thats been happening on HabboBites as well as feature user-submitted content.

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Fashion Frenzy


The theme last week was "Pokémon", here are some of the entries :


I tried.. By : Paddleboard

Pikachu. By : BryanYH


Hitmonchan. By : Felidae


By : Taiwanasian


Next weeks theme is "Studio Ghibli" so get creative and start dressing up!



Hidden Hideouts


Room Name : 'H' Gringotts Wizarding Bank

Room Owner : Jamzybunny

To visit the room click here.


Room Name : `H` [Diagon Alley]

Room Owner : .:Jela-C:.

To visit the room click here. Both of the rooms above were submitted by Paddleboard.



Silly Speeches


This week's silly speech was submitted by Jamie (which she forced me to put in here against my own will).





Last week we asked you "When I grow up I want to be..." and here are the results:

Rich - 14

Famous - 3

Happy - 22

Not Poor - 4

Funkyhabbo - 22

It's astonishing to believe that Happiness and Funkyhabbo-ness are both such sought-after attributes for Habbobites members' futures! A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!



HabboBites Snapshots



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