Welcome to the 40th Weekly Bites! 

Here we will recap everything thats been happening on HabboBites as well as feature user-submitted content.

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Canvas of the Month


For this month's canvas of the month, we want you to design your canvas in accordance to the theme "Haunting Halloween"

Be creative with your stickers, putting them everywhere won't guarantee your success.

The winner of next month's canvas will receive the exclusive canvas sticker, 300 bites points, AND 20 credits!

All entries will receive 50 bites points, so long as you include at least 5 Halloween-related elements on your page. Make sure to submit your entries here!



Silly Speeches


This week's silly speech was submitted by jaslmao.



Friday the 13th


Want to get your hands on some of the new faces for your Habbo avatars introduced this October? Now here's your chance since we're giving 13 goodie bags away! All you need to do is to mention a memory including a friend (or many if you feel like it) on the feed with the tag #Friday13thOnBites. You will also have the chance to pick up a nifty site achievement! For more information, check out the main article here.



Fashion Frenzy


The theme last week was "Sexy Animals", here are some of the entries :


ama cxi panda By : jaslmao

a deer sitting by the fire By : Traced

A flamingo! By : Sally


Next weeks theme is "Scooby-Doo" so get creative and start dressing up!





Last week we asked you "Trick or Treat?" and here are the results:

Trick - 19

Treat - 18

DJ Robot - 39

DJ Robot wins again! Thank you all for showing how supportive the HabboBites community really is! A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!



HabboBites Snapshots


That's all for our 40th edition of Weekly Bites - we will be back every Monday.

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