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Last week we asked you "Why are you poor?" and here are the results:

Cause I like food - 20

I was robbed - 3

Video games - 4

Other expenses - 7

Cause I'm poor, ok?! - 19

None of the above - 1

Food is very important. It necessary for survival. A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!



Ask The Staff


We asked the staff “If you could live in a video game universe, which would it be and why?”, here are some of the responses:


World of Warcraft cause the world looks so magical yknow wow i love it - Jamie

Sims world!! 
like seriously its so easy to earn money at sims, and easy to be rich... and you can make yourselves not age. :) - Jovi

Ok if I had to live in one mate it would absolutely be Skyrim cause damn I’m so good at the game and I would survive forever. It is so graphical and so amazingly cool in a way, e.g the dragons and detail of the game for such a old one as well. Just the whole concept of being a Dragonborn and living in the world of drag ons always made me want to live in such a game. I’ve been playing it for a while and it has really had a impact on me for some reason, I was always talking about it to my brother who got me into it. So yeah it would have to be Skyrim 😃 - KawaiiPotato

If I were to live into a video game, I would live in Seth’s world. Even though Seth’s world is annoying HAHAHAHHAHA At least its better than being bored am I rite? Everyone should go download it on APP STORE OR WUTEVER U PLAY IT ON NOW!! FOR FREE NO CHARGEE!! GET A FREE SETH BODY PILLOW!! - Katherine

MINECRAFT or Unturned which is like a survival/zombie-apocalypse version of minecraft - PotatoPower

I'd live in an Animal Crossing video game universe because life would be much simpler and more fun there, as well as being the mayor of the whole town and designing it how you want it to be. You can go fishing, go swimming and diving, shake trees or hit rocks for free money, plant fruit trees and eating the fruit or selling them for money, buy awesome clothes and accessories (for yourself and your house), send mail with cutely-designed paper, board the train with a free pass and visit friends, enter other people's creative individual dream world, design your own clothes, canvases, wallpaper/flooring and accessories, visit the museum and build it up via donating fossils that you can dig up from the ground, view the fireworks, see an aurora borealis, experience the snow and build a snowman, collect good furnitures and stuff that your neighbors have recycled, take part in mini games, go on a cruise across the ocean to a beach island, and so on! 
I'd love to be able to do all that in my real life in just one town pretty much free of cost, instead of also having to travel to get where I want to be (minus visiting friends via train). ❤️ - Taiwanasian

I'd be in Dead Space, cuz its supposed to be the scariest game in the world - alexpaca

Quibblo says I should live in Call of Duty but I think I wanna live in Sims 4. Sims 4 because it has better quality than the other Sims game and sims are weird I think I'm gonna fit in. - Princehooligan

Grand Theft Auto V so I have the freedom to do whatever I wanna do -> eg. fly jet fighter planes, drive fast super cars, go on a police pursuit, go on a killing rampage using many different weapons - Jamesy

Has to be with Lara Croft in one of her tombs/temples. The whole concept of entering the unknown and being faced with unexpected challenges partly defines how I like to live. I'm always up for trying new things and taking on an adventure. And moving to Sweden recently has just highlighted this. So cheers to Lara Croft for her and her adventures! - casinoz=gamez

I would love to live in Zelda: Phantom Hourglass's world! Id be able to meet ToonLink! He's so cute ^w^ - Sary

this is AN EASY ONE - i wna live in summoner's rift [league] as the shopkeep - Merv



Silly Speeches


This week's silly speeches were submitted by Princehooligan,

and Sary.



Fashion Frenzy


The theme last week was "Dreamdate with Jaesus", here are some of the entries:


By : Myself and Divinate


Next weeks theme is "Doraemon" so get creative and start dressing up!



HabboBites Snapshots


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