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As we begin cleaning up all those dead roses and empty red packets, it is time to look to the forthcoming events this month of March! The snow is melting for our North American friends, not so much for our European friends, however. While everybody down under may finally get a break from the scorching heat, and well for Singapore it's just the humidity as per usual. But don't fret since we have tons planned this month to celebrate the many upcoming holidays, including a campaign and a badge event! So make sure to remain glued to your seats, finish up that chocolate (because you will be getting more obviously), and prepare your gardening supplies for even more to come!


Last week we asked you "Should DJ Robot dress up for Easter?and here are the results:

Yes! - 31

Maybe - 2

No! - 2

Can we vote on an outfit? - 27

None of the above - 1

Clearly you all want DJ Robot to dress up for Easter, so continue below to check out what outfit you can vote for. Make sure to check back next week to see which outfit wins!

Penguin Profiles

Well you guys voted (mostly) for democracy and now we're giving you the chance to make your voice heard! Here are the possible outfits you will be voting for DJ Robot to wear for Easter:

Well haven't you always wished that DJ Robot was athletic and full of spunk? But don't you worry, his main priority is still his hardcore dedication to broadcasting all those awesome tunes at all times!

Seems like DJ Robot got inspired by watching one-to-many episodes of the show Suits and decided to become a high-ranking businessman himself. His briefcase is full of great music selections!

We are not going to name names, but somebody did tell DJ Robot that he was not allowed to dance to his own music. Yet as you can see, he has poured his heart and soul in to proving that individual wrong!

It appears that DJ Robot spent countless hours studying enough ninja art to find himself a decent outfit. We're pretty sure the shuriken he carries are his CD collection though...

And last but not least, we have the most Easter-like outfit for DJ Robot. This outfit is both aesthetic and functional as the carrot can be transformed into a boom-box for on-the-go broadcasts! Please note that any eggs that surround him are not, I repeat not, easter eggs..

You're Elephantastic!

t's time to put your writing skills to the test and to address the elephant in the room. To do so, you need to write a poem about a majestic elephant, which can be from your dreams or from reality! There is a really cute Nellyphant Icon to be won so make sure to participate before the time is up. For more information on the competition, click here.

Silly Speeches

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we decided to feature this interesting silly speech. Hmm... Clever...

HabboBites Screenshots


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