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Posted on 9 October 2017

Okay, so because of the Terms Of Service this is probably not allowed but imma do it anyway.
Imma tell you all about my pledging of faith and how I swore Allegiance to Satan.
Okay, to start I want to point out, as a satanist im not fully against other religions and this isnt supposed to offend, just inform of my way of life.
To begin you must bathe before the ritual, out of respect for what you would be about to do and after the bath you begin preperations, you need a small piece of white paper, with a dark Sigil of ONA on it. aswell as multiple black, blue or red candles (never white), a sheathed blade and the room you are performing the ritual in has to be dim with a purple ONA on a black background in a prime position, facing Lucifer (north). 
Next you need to be wearing a dark robe, or the darkest clothes you can find, but not covering your face or left hand.
To begin the ritual lay out the candles, creating a shrine to the purple ONA, with a small flameproof container holding the paper ONA in your hand.
Having the prayer memorized isnt mandatory but many believe it is neccessary. The prayer is as follows;
Before the almighty and ineffable God Satan/Lucifer and in the presence of all Demons of Hell, who are the True and the Original gods, I, (state your full name) renounce any and all past allegiances. I renounce the false Judeo as Christian god Jehova, I renounce his vile and worthless son Jesus Christ, I renounce his foul, odious, and rotten holy spirit. I proclaim Satan Lucifer as my one and only God. I promise to recognize and honor him in all things, without reservation, desiring in return, his manifold assistance in the successful completion of my endeavors.
I am here to seal my Fate with blood.
I accept there is no law, no authority, no justice
Except my own
And that culling is a necessary act of Life.
I believe in one guide, Satan,
And in our right to rule mundanes.

After This, you pick up the sheathed blade, unsheathe it and make a small slice across your left thumb, drawing a small amount of blood. Pick up the paper ONA and let a few drops of blood drip onto it and re-sheathe the blade , then place a black candle into the flameproof container, and drop the paper ONA in whilst reciting the following until it burns completely;

I solemnly swear on my sinister-honour as a Satanist that from this day forth I will never surrender, will die fighting rather than submit to anyone,
and will always uphold The Code of Sinister-Honour.

After the paper ONA has completely burnt , you must stop reciting and be silenced completely for 20 seconds, after which you say 'So mote it be, Hail Satan'

The candle in which the ONA burnt on must be left lit until it burns out, all other candles may be blown out as they arent considered blessed. As a symbol of respect and to show you arent going to hide your religion, you must always then carry the blade wherever you go. (Sort of like a baptismal candles importance)

There are many ways to swear your allegiance but this is one of the most popular, you dont even have to do it alone! This is how I swore my allegiance to Satan aswell. For more information, message me!

-Alex xx

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