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Posted on 1 June 2017

Starting today, you'll be able to open a free gift from us, every day! You'll be greeted with an alert to open your unopened gift upon login.

Gifts can include:
- Username icons
- Profile backgrounds
- Habbo Credits
- Habbo Furniture
... and even RARES!

You get to pick one of three gift boxes that may contain different items.

Certain items may also have limited quantities and may run out of stock!

To kick off the gift tearing action, we have wrapped up a Tropical Fish Tank and Pufferfish Tank and scattered them in one of our gifts!

´╗┐If you receive a Habbo Exchange item (i.e. Habbo Credits or Habbo Furniture), they'll be recorded in the Habbo Exchange page where you can schedule for a collection once you've reached our collection requirements.

Special thanks
Special thanks to Audemars, KrushGear and Larry for helping out with the development and with some of the prizes!
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Seth on 3 June 2017 1:49 AM
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